D : “I became more relaxed and silent.”

J : “I am much calmer.”

R : “By doing the breathing exercises, I Was taught I can easily clear my head.”

S : “By doing mindfulness I learned to become calm and make myself stronger.Being yourself,that is the most important thing.”

T : “I’ve become so much better in recognizing and understanding my emotions and I love the special hand sign we learned in this course.”

E : “The breathing exercises were the best. I can concentrate so much better now.”

Re : “I liked all of it a lot!!”

Mother of Th : “When practicing the multiplication table of eight together, I almost felt like giving up because he struggled so much.Then Th was quiet for a moment and quickly proceeded to give all the right answers without hesitation. When I asked him how he was able to do this all of a sudden, he answered that he stopped and focussed for a minute as he was taught during mindfulness training. It’s just amazing how he benefits from applying this technique.”

Mother of C : “Really great how you connected with C. And it was amazing how you were able to home in on his particular needs so quickly. He really loved the mindfulness training and looked forward to every session. C felt at ease with you right away and that’s something quite remarkable. Enrolling him in this mindfulness training course is probably the best thing I’ve ever done for him. C has been using the breathing technique quite successfully on his own now.

D : “I’ve become  more relaxed and focussed.”

Do : “I found answers to some of my problems. I konw how to better deal with them now.”

A : “I liked the breathing exercises the best. They make me feel calm.”

K : “I know now that I can use mindfulness to feel calm and if everyone practiced mindfulness we would live in peace.”