About me

Version 2

My name is Vera Landsbergen.  I’ve been teaching at primary schools (BEd) for many years, but have enjoyed being an academic support teacher (BA Orthopedagogy) as well.
More recently I’ve been noticing a lack of focus and concentration in children due to overstimulation and even stress. Our children must meet so many expectations that their heads probably spin.
We tend to spend a lot of time on our children’s cognitive development, but far too little on their emotional development, unintentionally throwing them out of balance.
As I practice Reiki and meditate on a regular basis, I know how important those reflective moments are, and that’s why I searched for a method to teach these skills to children and found it in the practice of ‘Mindfulness for Children’.
I received my qualifications from the See True academy in Maastricht, and these days I enjoy giving mindfulness awareness training to small groups of children. In the year 2016-2017 the lessons were given at the AISR.
 I’m also a certified Kids Life Coach( CIVAS) and a fear of failure reduction trainer  (Feel Fine Academy)
You can follow me on Facebook: LandsbergenCoaching